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We hate junk mail and unsolicited ads, and we certainly wouldn't subject anyone else to them, so any contact information you disclose to us or to St Moritz Travel Planner is kept confidential.


Your name, your email and/or postal address, shoe size, like or dislike for raclette, etc.—none of it is ever sold or given to anyone else without your express permission, except that...

We do reserve the right to post edited excerpts from your messages (without disclosing your full name, location or contact info) on the St Moritz Travel Planner (SMTP) website to help other travelers and to demonstrate the types of services provided by SMTP, but if we thought you really cared about this we'd check with you in advance.

If you don't mind our using your real name or city of residence on SMTP, please say so in your message to us. If you don't say so, we won't reveal this information.

In a few cases we've asked SMTP users for permission to post their comments along with their name(s) and general location, and they have graciously permitted us to do so.

If you really don't want a single word of anything you say or write to us to be posted, just let me know and that's what'll happen.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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