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  St Moritz Restaurants & Cuisine
Some of St Moritz's restaurants are equal to the best in the world, others are great with Swiss alpine character, still others favored by the locals.


Traditional St Moritz mountain specialties include paper-thin, translucent, flavorful air-dried beef; local cheeses from the milk of the cows that pasture in the surrounding mountains; and the modest cornmeal cakes called polenta, which aspire to high cuisine in the capable hands of local chefs.

Naturally, these traditional favorites are supplemented by dishes from the great cuisines of Europe and beyond. You can even find good Chinese and Thai meals in St Moritz, let alone French and Italian.

Top St Moritz Restaurants

Some of the best in the world, at prices to match: SFR150 per person and up at dinner. Call for reservations. More...

Moderately-priced Restaurants

No one dines on haute cuisine three times a day, do they? These moderately-priced restaurants offer excellent cuisine and atmospheric surroundings at more reasonable prices. Reservations are generally not required, but may be good to have in St Moritz's busy seasons. More...

Exceptional Lunch Restaurants

Some restaurants just stand out as offering excellent dining experiences at lunchtime. Here are my favorites. Call for reservations. More...

Budget Restaurants

Plenty of real Swiss alpine atmosphere and hearty food to match the invigorating climate. Not fancy, but tasty, satisfying, and good value for money. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Chesa Veglia Restaurant, St Moritz, Engadine, Switzerland

Chesa Veglia, in the oldest farmhouse
in St Moritz (1658).

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