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  Budget Hotels & Hostels in St Moritz
Not an oxymoron—several St Moritz budget hotels and hostels offer excellent value for money.


Let's face it, St Moritz began as a resort for the rich and famous, and it still is.

But there are budget hotels, hostels and apartments/flats that do not require the income of an oil sheikh or a dot-com billionaire.

In fact, you can sleep comfortably in St Moritz for as little as €35 per night.

For that price, expect a small but adequately comfortable, Swiss-clean room, and perhaps a few other services.

Besides its 62 four-bed dorm rooms with washbasin or with shower and toilet, the 306-bed St Moritz-Bad Youth Hostel has 13 rooms with two beds and washbasin, and 15 double rooms with shower & toilet. Rates range from €30 per bed in 4-bed dorms with shared bath to €78 for a single room with private bathroom.

A buffet breakfast is included in the rates.

Recently renovated, it's a great choice! Book St. Moritz Bad Youth Hostel, St. Moritz, Switzerland with

Also have a look at Randolins Backpackers, with 87 beds in 2- to 8-person rooms, and a bathroom on each floor. More...

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—by Tom Brosnahan

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You can have fun in St Moritz
without being a billionaire.

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