St Moritz Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan

  Moderately-Priced St Moritz Hotels
Moderate hotel prices in St Moritz are not low, and the accommodations are not super-luxurious, but plenteous Swiss comfort, charm and service abound in these well-located hostelries.


Buffet breakfast is included in the rates.

Hotel Eden

A family-run 36-room Italianate villa in the midst of palatial hotels. More...

Hotel Languard

Built as the home of the owner of St Moritz's grand Kulm Hotel, this 22-room inn is just off the town's main street. More...

Waldhaus am See

You've seen it in those idyllic photos of St Moritz: the very Swiss-looking inn by the late. Once a tavern, now a 54-room hotel, the "Forest Home on the Lake" is known for its views and dining as well as its comfy rooms. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Hotel Languard, St Moritz, Switzerland

The family-run Hotel Languard.

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