St Moritz Travel Planner by Tom Brosnahan

  Shopping in St Moritz, Switzerland
St Moritz is hardly a quaint Swiss village when it comes to shopping. All the best stuff is on offer.


St Moritz's main shopping street is Via Maistra, with the poshest shops being those between the Kulm Hotel and Badrutt's Palace Hotel.

Suvretta House has enough upscale shops in its public areas to qualify as its own mini-mall.

Jewelry, fashions, fancy watches and luggage—the usual suspects—predominate, but St Moritz also has shops selling Swiss souvenirs such as carved figures, costumes, hand-carved furniture, glass, ceramics, metalwork and textiles as well as the all-time favorite: Swiss chocolate.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Swiss Chocolates, St Moritz, Switzerland

I stick to shopping essentials—like chocolate!

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