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  Transport to & in St Moritz, Switzerland
Town buses, Swiss trains, the Glacier Express, all about the Swiss Travel System for St Moritz and beyond.

Boat on the lake, St Moritz, Switzerland

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St Moritz is linked to the rest of Switzerland by train via the Swiss town of Chur (a two-hour ride: map). From Chur you can board trains for Basel, Geneva, Zurich and other Swiss destinations. More...

St Moritz is also linked by train to Milan and Munich.

Swiss Travel System

The Swiss Travel System, as it is aptly termed, includes trains, buses, boats, ferries, funiculars and other means of moving you around. They're all linked, they're all superbly organized, and they all run on time, as you might expect.

Go to the Swiss Travel System website and you'll discover that the heart of the system is the Swiss Federal Railways, known by its initials SBB (German), CFF (French) and FFS (Italian). Buy a Swiss Pass to take advantage of this superb system at a value-for-money price.

The system is better organized than any other travel system I've ever seen. It's simply incredible.

Dorf-Bad Bus in St Moritz, Engadine, Switzerland
Village to spa bus in St Moritz.

Trains, buses and boats are frequent, comfortable, punctual and safe.

Why is it so good? Well, it's not just the Swiss talent for organization and punctuality. Switzerland is a small, mountainous country that came of age well before the advent of the automobile. Its mountainous topography dictates that many of its travel routes must go along river valleys, so when railroads were all the rage in the 19th century, the Swiss built railroads all along these valleys. They even tackled the mountains, taking the trains around, up, down and even right through the rock!

Soon the entire country was knitted together by good trains. When the internal combustion engine became all the rage in the 20th century, the Swiss added postbuses—fast public buses that also carried the mail—following routes that were better served by road than train.

Travel by Car

All that having been said, only a car gives you complete freedom of mobility. You can easily rent one at a Swiss airport (Basel, Geneva or Zurich) from St Moritz Travel Planner partner and drive through the Alps to St Moritz (230km/143 miles, 3 hours; map). More...

Glacier Express & Buses

The famous Glacier Express excursion train runs between St Moritz and Zermatt. Buses also connect St Moritz with Chur, Lugano and Pontresina.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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