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  When to Visit St Moritz, Switzerland
With an average of 322 sunny days a year, the weather is good most of the time. But St Moritz really has two seasons: summer and winter.


Spring and autumn are quiet in St Moritz because most visitors prefer the summer (mid-June through mid-October) and winter (December through March).

Hotel rates are lower in April because the weather is in between cold and warn.

It's not far-fetched to claim that there are two St Moritzes:


Winter is its shining season, with clear, bright, cold days, lots and lots of fine powder snow, spectacular natural scenery everywhere, and everyone concentrating on skiing, skating and other winter sports.


Summer is also a time for outdoor sports: hiking, biking, mountain climbing, sailing and more.

But there's even more to do in St Moritz in the warmer months: more concerts, more culture and more fun events like the British Classic Car Meeting.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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St Moritz, Switzerland
Summer in St Moritz, Switzerland.

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